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La Confusion Infernale


As part of George Higham's piece on Diablerie in Horror and Monster Modeller we are making this stereoscopic image (anaglyph) available for download. Click here.


Published! Horror and Monster Modeller.

Horror and Monster Modeller, an all-new 144-page book featuring a wicked array of chilling hobby projects.
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Features 15 images taken from 2013's
Sci-fi & fantasy modeller.

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Our present to you this festive season...
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Crazy Christmas sale!

A whopping £5.00 off every volume of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller up to and including Volume 29 until midnight December 20th*!

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Sci-fi and fantasy modeller Volume 35
Available to order today!

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Certain to have genre modellers everywhere heading for their workbenches in excitement, here comes Volume Thirty-Five of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, the long-established hobby title that regularly delivers one hundred colour pages of exclusive reading and unique images! Volume Thirty-Five's contents list includes studio-scale scratchbuilds and special projects, mainstream and garage kit release news, FX miniatures, creatures, techniques and much more. Here are just a few highlights from Volume Thirty-Five's impressive article lineup: 

  • Randy Cooper interview with amazing images!
  • Accurate, huge, part-for-part Klingon Bird of Prey replica!
  • 1/3 scale William Hartnell TARDIS prop replica build!
  • Battlestar Galactica original series Viper prop located!
  • Studio scale SHADO Mobile Part II!
  • Studio scale Land of the Giants Spindrift build!
  • 40-inch Romulan Warbird scratchbuild project!
  • Rusted but trusted - robot protector diorama!
  • Retooled Round 2 Moonbase Alpha!
  • Wild House Stasis Pod build

...Plus much, much more!


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Self Publishing with YUDU

It's time to let out the dark side of your hobby...

Sci.fi & fantasy modeller presents
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Gloriously gruesome! Terrifyingly entertaining! Here's a new, exciting and completely different publishing concept that's set to thrill genre modellers and horror fans alike...

From the publishers of Sci-fi & fantasy Modeller comes Horror and Monster Modeller, an all-new 144-page book featuring a wicked array of chilling hobby projects.

From scratch-builds to dioramas, conversions to sculpting and techniques, Horror and Monster Modeller shows you 'how' in excruciating detail, via hundreds of lavishly reproduced all-colour photographs and informative text from internationally acclaimed builders and writers.

Dare open its pages and you'll discover a blood-curdling contents lineup, including:

  • Building a horror-themed 'Diableries'!
  • Creating the Wormweird Tarot!
  • Recreating a 1:1 Fiend Without A Face!
  • Godzilla Vs Mecha-Godzilla Tokyo stomp-fest!
  • Bride of Frankenstein hay-cart conversion!
  • Scratch-built Dunwich Horror!
  • Sculpting a blood-soaked zombie bust, step by step!
  • 'Memento In Utero': Alien-esque large-scale project!

...Plus much, much more!

Horror and Monster Modeller is available NOW - visit our shop page.

...Love modelling?... Horror?... Both?

Then make sure of your copy today.

And let Horror and Monster Modeller take you to the edge.


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Low Stocks Notice
There are several volumes of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller which are low in stock including:
Volumes 3, 24 and 27
Secure your copy today.