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La Confusion Infernale


As part of George Higham's piece on Diablerie in Horror and Monster Modeller we are making this stereoscopic image (anaglyph) available for download. Click here.


Published! Horror and Monster Modeller.

Horror and Monster Modeller, an all-new 144-page book featuring a wicked array of chilling hobby projects.
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Features 15 images taken from 2013's
Sci-fi & fantasy modeller.

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Sci-fi & fantasy modeller announces
The Return of the Crazy Christmas Sale!

Every regular issue of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller up to and including volume 35 is reduced in price by an amazing 33% OFF NORMAL PRICES until midnight, December 10th – and as an added bonus we are reducing selected special issues by 33% too for the same period!!

Click here to take advantage of this offer – and please hurry – prices revert to normal at midnight, December 10th!

Sale ends 10th December

Vol 24

Lifting off February 2016
and available to pre-order now -


Announcing the ultimate Eagle publication for modellers and fans alike - a lavish, profusely illustrated, highly informative 84-page magazine devoted entirely to this most iconic of fictional spacecraft in all its incarnations!

Check-out Modelling the Eagle's must-read features:

  • Brian Johnson interviewed by Mat Irvine!
  • The full production story behind the new MPC 22-inch kit!
  • Building the new 22-inch kit!
  • Building and converting MPC's 12-inch Eagle!
  • Building MPC's deluxe lab pod 12-inch Eagle!
  • Rogue Studio's 44-inch replica Eagle!
  • Jim Small recalls a forty-year love affair with the Eagle!
  • David Sisson's meticulous restoration of the original Eagle 1 studio miniature - a much sought after feature, out of print since issue 9 of Sci-fi & fantasy modeller!
  • Converting a 23-inch Eagle!

Featuring hundreds of exclusive photographs, Modelling the Eagle publishes February and demand is already proving to be great - but you can pre-order from us right here, right now to avoid disappointment (your copy will be despatched on day of publication)...

November blog update:

Andy's latest blog can be viewed by clicking here.

Jason's November blog can be viewed by clicking here.

Sci-fi and fantasy modeller Volume 39
Shipping now!

  • pic0
  • pic1
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  • pic3
  • pic4
  • pic5
  • pic6
  • pic7
  • pic8

Announcing Volume Thirty-Nine of Sci-fi & fantasy modeller, the acclaimed genre modelling title that delivers one hundred colour pages of superbly presented reading teamed with hundreds of top quality images! Volume Thirty-Nine is packed cover to cover with a must-have mix of fascinating and informative articles, and includes preview builds of upcoming kits, how-to techniques, scratchbuilding and diorama-making. Here's a tempting snapshot of what Volume Thirty-Nine has in store for genre modellers everywhere:

  • Studio 2 22-inch Eagle update with exclusive pics!
  • Studio scale Empire Cloud Car!
  • New Captain Scarlet Spectrum Passenger Jet kit build!
  • Prometheus Engineer bust!
  • Red Dwarf 10 miniatures!
  • Revised Cutaway Enterprise release!
  • Studio scale UFO SKY 1 kit!
  • U.N.C.L.E. Piranha car built and customised!

...Plus much, much more!


Click here to order today.

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Sci-fi and fantasy modeller Volume 38

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  • pic6
  • pic7
  • pic8
  • pic9

Presenting Volume Thirty-Eight of Sci-fi & fantasy modeller, the internationally respected, long-established genre modelling title that offers one hundred colour pages of comprehensive reading teamed with hundreds of top quality images each issue! Volume Thirty-Eight's stellar roll-call of standout features includes preview builds of upcoming kit releases, step-by-step techniques, conversions, scratchbuilds and dioramas. Here are just a few tempting tidbits from Volume Thirty-Eight's packed and punchy page-count: 

  • Scratchbuilt Space:1999 Uranus Probe!
  • Scratchbuilt half-scale Red Dwarf mining ship!
  • War Of the Worlds diorama!
  • UFO SHADO Mobile conversion - the conclusion! 
  • Interstellar Ranger build!
  • Space Shuttle launch diorama!
  • Space:1999 'nuke' project! 
  • Time Machines times two!

...Plus much, much more!

Pre-ordered copies and subscription copies ship 13th/14th July.

Click here to order today

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